Meet Dr. Glo McArter

My calling is to share what I have learned about how to transform fear to love, pain to acceptance, sorrow to joy, turmoil to stillness

I offer a unique blend of counselling and mentoring with a focus on heart and soul. Over the years, I’ve learned that stressful problems are guides to learn and grow into better health.

Such problems are more troublesome in transition, the response of the heart and soul to change. One such life change is the relationship with advancing age.

I am a supportive educator, guide (mentor) who knows how to awaken meaningful responsibility, creativity, wholeness ~ especially when transformation seems impossible.

I guide the exploration of the spiritual essence of life to enhance meaning and give direction.

About Me

After nearly seven decades of life, I am familiar with the challenges of advancing age. I also believe that my best years are now – and yet to come.

I am a lifelong student of human and spiritual connection – beginning with my own journey of healing to transform my shame to worthiness.

Early in my journey, I developed an intellectual mind focused on “how to fix the world and everyone in it” and how to protect myself from perceived danger. In so doing, I also deprived myself the joyful unfolding of life.

Later, I discovered that I am connected to a power greater than myself. This Universal Energy has held me safe and given me courage to move through adversity to resilience.

I am eager to share lessons on how to be with people and situations as they are – and how to release thoughts, feelings and actions that block enjoyment.

Experience & Credentials

Before embarking on my counselling career, I worked as an educator, personnel consultant, human relations and communication trainer. I bring those experiences into my current practice.

  • 30 years private practice as counselling therapist
  • Returned to university in my early 40’s to study for an MA in counselling psychology
  • In my mid-50’s, I attained a Ph. D. with the focus on themes of human development, personality and spirituality
  • Board member – Alfred Adler Western Canada Society
  • Leadership Circle – Centre for Spirituality at Work

I am dedicated to energy practices that open the heart and soul to release blocks and create thoughts, feelings and actions for optimum health, peace, and fulfillment.

My Services

I offer my experience and wisdom as a speaker, writer, counselling therapist and mentor.

Counselling and Mentoring services are offered onsite at my office location or via Skype.

I design speaking presentations to meet conference or association requests (see Speaking section).

The WISE Circle is open for individuals to join. I can also facilitate a circle for your specific group.

For more information about any of my services, please contact me.

Gloria, you are truly a beautiful and soulful person

When I came to Gloria, I was bound up in my fear, excuses and inaction.

She guided me to open and trust more in my worthiness. Her spiritful energy helped me feel free to make positive choices with more awareness of possibilities and opportunities.

My counselling experience with Gloria has meant freedom to move through the pain and sadness that paralyzed me in the past. Now, with less fear, I make choices for what I really want in my life. Thank-you, Gloria, you are truly a beautiful and soulful person.