Several years ago when I turned 40, I remember my 73 year old mother say “My, you look and act young for your age.” WOW — I was speechless. Was there a particular way to look at each birthday? Am I doing something wrong because I “should” look or behave older? I don’t think I was avoiding the reality that I was progressing through time; I just did not give much thought to how my body was to look or how I was to act in order to do that.

Today, I just can’t escape the realities of what is happening to my body — a 3 inch loss of height, “extra” skin around the middle, foot discomfort, eye vision challenges, etc., etc. I have learned that it is not what happens to me but what meaning I give to these changes and how I respond to them that determines how I  move through the phases of my life. “It’s all in the attitude” I say now and I have a sense of an “ageless attitude”.

Now well past what would chronologically be considered “midlife”, I continue to accept the guidance from a universal ageless energy that surrounds me, is within me, and of which I am a part. As I strengthen this relationship, I am more open to the healthy possibilities present in the next portion of my life journey. Yes, I enjoy a deep quiet of connection with universal ageless energy AND I know a healthy body, mind and soul is maintained in relationship with others. I invite you to join the Conversation Circle to share and to enrich the wisdom of worthy limitless possibilities.

Just click to “Conversation Circle” and register for the March dates. Individual circles for the 9th, 16th and 30th will remain at a cost of $ 25 per evening. When you register for all three, the cost is reduced to $60. I will then contact you with information on how to connect via teleconference. I look forward to our connection!