“OH, MY — another invitation? I have so many at this busy time of Christmas planning and preparation”.

YES, I hear you all AND appreciate you to take just a few moments…

With both my counselling clients and those who come out to hear my presentations, I hear a desire for more personal connection and the exchange of verbal dialogue and reflective listening. I am pleasantly surprised and encouraged when themes and topics of experience for me such as transition, the emotional response to change, the influence of soul and spirit to heal, learn and grow, and the journey of midlife and beyond are also of interest to others.

I am about to revise a section of my web site that I trust will give you more of what you want to enrich your lives. You will notice a change from the Mentoring Program to CONVERSATION CIRCLE which I believe will also better describe my vision and passion.

My hope is to bring together curious souls who enjoy learning with others. We will be together as a group via teleconference for one or two evenings a month. Each evening will include information on a topic followed by conversation — all with the intent to help you adjust to and manage concerns about your own entrance into midlife and beyond or that of your friends and loved ones.

Thanks for following up soon on my site under “Services” as your feedback and suggestions about my idea would be helpful.   I also ask that you spread the word with those you know could benefit from this experience. Let’s recognize our inner soul as the universal spirit energy in mutual connection, meeting the challenges of daily life with more depth and optimism.