Preach what I Practice

My recent speaking presentations have focused on the topics of “The Power of Aging”, “The Wisdom of Aging”, “The Transition Through Age”. I encourage reflection on the relationship with one’s AGE -- the number of [...]

Attitudinal Aging

“It’s all in the attitude”! Okay  -- maybe not ALL… However, much about life and living IS about attitude. I understand ATTITUDE to mean how we think or feel about someone or something. Attitude also [...]

My New Inner Journey

I, like many mentors and spiritual guides, use the term “inner journey” as I encourage people to consider this experience as helpful to heal, learn and grow. And yet – is this a new experience [...]

Reflections of Spirit Energy

How often I have complained that my life is empty of a memorable event or message that tells me that I am indeed a spiritual person. Such an epic experience will confirm my connection to [...]

AGE: A number AND much more…

As I facilitate conversations in The WISE Circle, I am more intrigued as to how I speak and write about age as a guide on this ever-changing journey called Life. Transition is the response to [...]

WISE Circles can help our acceptance of age

Recently, I facilitated a WISE circle – men and women in conversation about the transition through age. This experience was particularly meaningful for me as confirmed by my tearful welcome. My passion was enlivened by [...]

Transition Through Age: Keys to Good Health

I hear different stories from individuals, couples and groups, yet with common themes. People struggle with challenges that call for changes in how they think, feel, and act -- unless, as Einstein reminds us - [...]

Let’s be serious – humour in aging?

What can possibly be funny about getting older? I remember laughing in my 30’s when I heard people older than I talk about their body aches and pains, their slower energy or complete lack of [...]

Feeling Felt

What you are about to read is my recent talk at my All Pro Toastmasters group. I hope you will also give me helpful comments that encourage me to continue to tell my story. Perhaps you [...]

Accept the Realities – Invite New Possibilities

Several years ago when I turned 40, I remember my 73 year old mother say “My, you look and act young for your age.” WOW — I was speechless. Was there a particular way to look [...]