Light and Love

About 5 years ago, I noticed that my shoulders were slouched and rounded and I stooped as I walked. Perhaps this was more evident as my body seemed to shrink in height – one of [...]

From Worry to Worthy

I have enjoyed the summer (hope you have too) in contact with family, friends and colleagues. My heart is open with curiosity and my soul well nourished. All is good with new awakenings! I continue [...]

Preach what I Practice

My recent speaking presentations have focused on the topics of “The Power of Aging”, “The Wisdom of Aging”, “The Transition Through Age”. I encourage reflection on the relationship with one’s AGE -- the number of [...]

Attitudinal Aging

“It’s all in the attitude”! Okay  -- maybe not ALL… However, much about life and living IS about attitude. I understand ATTITUDE to mean how we think or feel about someone or something. Attitude also [...]

My New Inner Journey

I, like many mentors and spiritual guides, use the term “inner journey” as I encourage people to consider this experience as helpful to heal, learn and grow. And yet – is this a new experience [...]

Reflections of Spirit Energy

How often I have complained that my life is empty of a memorable event or message that tells me that I am indeed a spiritual person. Such an epic experience will confirm my connection to [...]

AGE: A number AND much more…

As I facilitate conversations in The WISE Circle, I am more intrigued as to how I speak and write about age as a guide on this ever-changing journey called Life. Transition is the response to [...]

WISE Circles can help our acceptance of age

Recently, I facilitated a WISE circle – men and women in conversation about the transition through age. This experience was particularly meaningful for me as confirmed by my tearful welcome. My passion was enlivened by [...]

Transition Through Age: Keys to Good Health

I hear different stories from individuals, couples and groups, yet with common themes. People struggle with challenges that call for changes in how they think, feel, and act -- unless, as Einstein reminds us - [...]

Let’s be serious – humour in aging?

What can possibly be funny about getting older? I remember laughing in my 30’s when I heard people older than I talk about their body aches and pains, their slower energy or complete lack of [...]