The Embrace of Worth

To Inspire Courage, Compassion and the Embrace of Worth and Spirit for the Freedom to be Authentic, Belonging, and Creative What do I mean when I write about the next phase of my passion statement? [...]

To inspire compassion

The second phrase of my passion statement describes my intention to inspire compassion. In my first article, I wrote that inspire is: to exert an animating, enlivening influence on and also the idea of breathing [...]

To inspire courage

In this series of articles, I invite you to explore the meaning and purpose that is expressed in your life now, with the intention of continuing to create the life you want. Knowing yourself well, [...]

The light AND the darkness

To Inspire Courage, Compassion, and a Sense of Worth, for the Freedom to be Authentic, Belonging, and Creative As I reflect on what I perceive is my purpose in moving through the world, I notice [...]

From shame to satisfaction

I notice a theme in many of the conversations with my clients, in which I encourage them to reflect on the idea of their worth, their value from being present in the world. This is a shift for many from [...]