WISDOM – Of Interest AND Too Mysterious?

In an age dominated by science and technology, by what is placed into specialties and compartments, Wisdom might be too large, too general, too mysterious a concept.

The Worth of Wisdom

I will not wait until the last few days of 2018 to reflect on this year. How can I, when so much has happened? Grieving for losses has helped in my continued journey [...]

WISDOM: Is It For Elders Or Can You Be Wise At Any Age?

It’s so good to connect after an absence from writing! Seems to me that to force the written word  lacks sincerity and meaningful intention. Also, if done in fear that my thoughts and feelings have [...]

Reflections of Spirit Energy

How often I have complained that my life is empty of a memorable event or message that tells me that I am indeed a spiritual person. Such an epic experience will confirm my connection to [...]

Why the Metaphor and the Question?

As counsellor, mentor, speaker and writer, I am attracted to metaphors and questions because I like to find more meaning in what I and others think, feel, and do. They are effective forms of communication that have [...]

To inspire compassion

The second phrase of my passion statement describes my intention to inspire compassion. In my first article, I wrote that inspire is: to exert an animating, enlivening influence on and also the idea of breathing [...]

To inspire courage

In this series of articles, I invite you to explore the meaning and purpose that is expressed in your life now, with the intention of continuing to create the life you want. Knowing yourself well, [...]

The light AND the darkness

To Inspire Courage, Compassion, and a Sense of Worth, for the Freedom to be Authentic, Belonging, and Creative As I reflect on what I perceive is my purpose in moving through the world, I notice [...]

From shame to satisfaction

I notice a theme in many of the conversations with my clients, in which I encourage them to reflect on the idea of their worth, their value from being present in the world. This is a shift for many from [...]