The Real And The Way

In an age dominated by science and technology, by what is placed into specialties and compartments, Wisdom might be too large, too general, too mysterious a concept.

The Transformational Message – Now and Ever…

In my presentations and writing, I define transition as the emotional and attitudinal response to what is inevitable -- change. We know the progression from endings to beginnings and the neutral zone in between. Could [...]

From Worry to Worthy

I have enjoyed the summer (hope you have too) in contact with family, friends and colleagues. My heart is open with curiosity and my soul well nourished. All is good with new awakenings! I continue [...]

Attitudinal Aging

“It’s all in the attitude”! Okay  -- maybe not ALL… However, much about life and living IS about attitude. I understand ATTITUDE to mean how we think or feel about someone or something. Attitude also [...]

My New Inner Journey

I, like many mentors and spiritual guides, use the term “inner journey” as I encourage people to consider this experience as helpful to heal, learn and grow. And yet – is this a new experience [...]

Reflections of Spirit Energy

How often I have complained that my life is empty of a memorable event or message that tells me that I am indeed a spiritual person. Such an epic experience will confirm my connection to [...]

Transition Through Age: Keys to Good Health

I hear different stories from individuals, couples and groups, yet with common themes. People struggle with challenges that call for changes in how they think, feel, and act -- unless, as Einstein reminds us - [...]

Freedom in the light

This article is on the topic of FREEDOM which is an aspect of my passion statement and my mission: To Inspire Courage, Compassion, and the Embrace of Worth and Spirit for the FREEDOM to be [...]

The Embrace of Spirit

To Inspire Courage, Compassion and the Embrace of Worth and Spirit for the Freedom to be Authentic, Belonging, and Creative In my last article “The Embrace of Worth”, I refer to the word “embrace” to [...]