Counselling (in person, virtual & telephone)

Respect the past, honor the present, and create your desired future.

You will benefit from counselling when personal, interpersonal, health and work stressors are having negative effects on your emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing. You know that a different way of being is called for while you doubt that what you desire is possible. 

When current thoughts, feelings and actions bring unwanted results, I guide with compassion and respectful assertiveness, the journey to more effective alternatives. I encourage you to connect with your authentic self so you create a meaningful plan to move forward. 

I suggest a “both/and” approach to consider: BOTH the reality of the current challenge AND the possibilities for growth and learning in the challenge. For example, stress is BOTH present AND the source of energy to resolve the problem. Also, in the words of the poet William Blake: “The deeper the sorrow, the greater the joy” can be translated to: BOTH the sorrow is deep AND the joy can be great.

Individuals, couples and families come to me when they know they need a different thought, feeling or action to meet the challenges of daily living. 

These challenges can include:    

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Stress and worry
  • Low self-worth and self-compassion
  • Loneliness, feeling disconnected
  • Feeling empty, without meaning/purpose
  • Grief and loss
  • Guilt, shame, embarrassment
  • Rejection and exclusion
  • Confusion and poor decision-making
  • Relationship and communication conflicts
  • Physical discomfort affecting emotional health
  • Career and volunteer work issues
Dr. McArter is among the best in her profession – a truly empathic guide and counsellor.

She provided subtle signposts and cues to help me find my own way to solutions and a deeper understanding of what was limiting my perceptions. If the purpose of counselling is to illuminate the darker, more challenging parts of our psyches, her gentle but firm encouragement helped me shine a light in the shadows, sweep away the cobwebs and reveal my own strengths to deal with what I had previously seen as overwhelming difficulties.

Her personal warmth and humanity are always at the ready, too, constantly assuring me of her support and compassion.


Difficulties and challenges are influenced by your past and present experiences and the meaning you give them. What you have learned and applied over time and what you believe about yourself, others and the world is calling for change.

You know you have deep wisdom as you become more comfortable with the unknown, with what is unpredictable and what is occurring in the moment. Achieving the tangible, outward measures of success give way to an inward search for meaning.

You are the flexible, agile and active responder to what is happening.  You ask the questions that lead to deeper exploration and discovery – that go to the heart and the soul of the matter – to achieve your desired results.

In the words of Rainer Marie Rilke: “You are not too old and it is not too late to dive into your increasing depths where life calmly gives out its own secret.”

With firm and compassionate guidance, you can learn from your mistakes, recognize and use your creativity and make wiser choices. You and your courage come to know your authentic and vulnerable self, a free and illuminating force who belongs in the world.  With your “inner consciousness”, you blend skills of creative questioning, self-reflection and reframing for practical wisdom.

Committing to the experience of counselling is an investment into the essence of who you are and how you are meant to participate and contribute to  your world.

Fees are in accordance with the recommended guidelines of my professional associations and reflect my years of experience and professional and personal development. 

  • Individuals – 60 minute session – $ 130 + GST = $ 136.50
  • Couples and Families – 60 minute session – $ 140 + GST = $ 147.00

Contact me for a 15 minute complimentary telephone consultation to ensure that my services are right for you.

Conversations of depth and curiosity stimulate energy for useful reflection, personal growth and effective action. Click here to learn more about my Courageous Conversations To Lighten Your Life.

Now, with less fear, I make choices for what I really want in my life.

When I came to Gloria, I was bound up in my fear, excuses and inaction.

She guided me to open and trust more in my worthiness. Her spiritful energy helped me feel free to make positive choices with more awareness of possibilities and opportunities.

My counselling experience with Gloria has meant freedom to move through the pain and sadness that paralyzed me in the past. Now, with less fear, I make choices for what I really want in my life. Thank-you, Gloria, you are truly a beautiful and soulful person.