Frequently Asked Questions

What is your approach to counselling?

My approach is based on my understanding that individuals are whole, indivisible beings who belong to larger systems – the family, community and the universe.

As people move toward self-chosen goals, they practice human values of equality and respect so they participate and contribute to the formation of a better world.

From this perspective, I empathize with expressed inferiority feelings and instill courage and responsibility in the creation of new ways to think, feel and act for optimum mental, emotional, physical, relational and spiritual health.

In our youth, we often think that the present years are our best as we have less upon which to compare. As we advance in age, we experience more of the ups and downs of life and become aware of how we focus on more of the “downs” when we lose sight of the “ups.”

Your desired goals in your 20’s and 30’s are different than those of increased age. More years means more necessity to accept and relate to inevitable changes.

I respect and guide the resulting transitions as unique to each person. With both realistic and optimistic energy, I invite individuals, couples and groups to value  their qualities of creativity, freedom and responsibility that make for a better future.

Can you help me cope with stress, anxiety, and depression when this is all I know? What if I am afraid to try anything new?

What you are experiencing are messages that can be useful signals. Like “wake up” calls, they remind you that your thoughts, feelings and actions in connection with the people and situations in your life need to change if you want different results.

When you believe you are too old to change, too set in your ways, or that transformation is not possible, I encourage you to consider new and beneficial options available to you.  If you trust in yourself and remember your strengths, gifts and successes you will trust in our work together.

How can you help me with my interest in the spiritual? … with a universal power, a source?

I am honored to explore and guide those practices that help you in your relationship with the spiritual, as you define that for yourself. You will have ample opportunity to describe how your experiences are helpful for the present and upcoming years.

Some people are more comfortable following the doctrine and ritual of their specific religion. Others prefer to practice universal principles for healthy living in a non-religious manner. I support all on their meaningful journey.

How can a spiritual approach to my problems give me practical solutions, ways of coping with the changes in my life?

Knowing your inner soul, your Wisdom, as a personal and embodied experience of the Universal Spirit (or the name you give to this presence) can be directly observed, encountered and enjoyed.

My approach helps to increase your awareness of spirituality as a healing resource and to use it in ways that bring desired effects for your health and wellbeing – in your relationships, and as you contribute and participate in your world. A practical TIP – Transformation Is Possible!

What are the benefits of Courageous Conversations?

We will focus on helpful topics for your physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual health. Your vulnerability and openness to deeper learning of yourself, others and the world will give you that fresh, peaceful and wise way of living you desire.

What is your experience in counselling?

I have 30 years of experience in private practice as a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Registered Marriage and Family therapist and Certified Canadian Counsellor.

I understand the human journey from several approaches: Humanistic, Existential, Holistic, Cognitive Behavioral, Transformational,  Spiritual. I am committed to share my experiences of transformation with those willing to reframe the moments, days, and years from gloom and loneliness to vitality and connection.

Do you offer virtual or telephone counselling?

Yes! I am now offering both virtual and telephone counselling. Please contact me for more details and to arrange a complimentary consultation.

Have a question I haven’t answered?

Feel free to contact me – I would be happy to have a phone call with you to determine if any of my services could be of assistance.

Testimonial | Dr. Gloria McArter

Testimonial | Dr. Gloria McArter