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Quotes That Inspire Glo

“There is no sincere path that any human being can take w/o having their heartbroken.” – David Whyte

“Find the part of us that is big enough for life, that can put its arms around the part that finds things difficult, that wants life to be different.” – David Whyte

The soul of a human being is the ultimate faculty of belonging; it’s the part of you that is trying to belong to the biggest world it can – physically, materially, relationally, and imaginatively. That’s the place where the foundation of our conversations should come.” – David Whyte

“Everything that is worthwhile puts you into a state of disorientation to begin with because you can’t recognize it, you’re not big enough for it. The art of conversation is the ability to create a dialogue that others will willingly join.” – David Whyte


Kristin Neff – Co-founder of the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion, and author of many books and exercises such as Self-Compassion and these tests to see how self-compassionate you are.

Brene Brown – Professor, lecturer, author, and podcast host of Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead.

David Whyte – Poet, author, speaker, and source of inspiration.