About 5 years ago, I noticed that my shoulders were slouched and rounded and I stooped as I walked. Perhaps this was more evident as my body seemed to shrink in height – one of those “gifts” of aging. When I heard about a chiropractic specialty called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), I attended a lecture and knew immediately – this is now my path, my journey to a healthier mind/body/soul connection. As I write and speak about how to “make your next years, your best years”, this approach has been instrumental in that happening for me.

As I share my experience in recent NSA sessions, I trust that you will honor and continue to do what you do for your mind/body/soul healthy functioning. I respect that each person will find and benefit from the abundance of various, reputable approaches to improved health. As you age, perhaps you are invited to be more creative in your choices of options to achieve your desired intention?


Healing Waves

Light and Love | Dr. Gloria McArterI like the NSA reference to “healing waves.” The “breathing wave” releases tension throughout the spine and body and the “body-mind wave” is associated with the movement on the spine. The waves revitalize, energize and help the body to correct alignment and posture distortions. The healing waves move stuck energy and are a source of new energy and vitality.

My posture, spinal alignments and body tension patterns all reflect my emotional reactions to my world. I’ve known this for a long time. That is — with my cognitive life raft and intellectual thinking. However, as I near my 71st birthday, I revisit this information in a new way. I nurture the wisdom of deep knowing, a greater self-awareness and a conscious awakening to the relationship between body, mind, emotion and expression of the human spirit.


Light and Love

As I transform my body experience and language from “uptight, closed, hidden” to an experience and language of “loose, open and transparent”, I feel a connection between my individual consciousness and the global sacred and divine presence of many names. When energy moves along my spine and now calls out to me – LIGHT — LOVE – I listen! At times, I cry and am relieved for my vulnerability. I laugh and enjoy the freedom of what is happening. And then I walk out into my day – content, grateful and passionate to inspire others as they heal, grow and create the life they desire.

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