How often do you hear yourself or others say: “I thought I’d worked this out, had this issue resolved, come to accept this type of person, learned how to find peace of mind in the stress of my life?”

So what seemed to be okay just isn’t that way now….

You may not be so pleased with this awareness AND this awareness, however uncomfortable or even painful, can guide you on the path to your desired destination. Recently, I saw this phrase in the office of my Network Care practitioner: What would it be like to consider that pain is not the problem; pain is actually part of the solution.

“Oh, NO! Growing pains as I enter the midlife phase of my life?” you ask. Or even, like me, well past and now “into the beyond”!

Yes, the mind, body and soul, the energy force of who you are, change with added years of experiences with yourself, others and your world of events, situations, stressors. How you got to where you are now may not be the way you will continue. As brilliant Einstein reminds us with words similar to: “If you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result, that’s insanity.” I don’t believe we even need to get to that point to realize — there must be another way…..

I know that DOING is the external evidence of how we make it in the world. I continue to feel more fulfilled and content when I take along a companion on this action journey — the companion called BEING — the BEING state that is awareness, reflection, curiosity – all that happen in a place deep and inside of me. That is where I meet my soul and where lies the hopeful messages that have me say “HI” to the challenges of midlife change with less fear and more joy.

How would you like to experience a more soul-centered and creative phase in your life? YOU CAN!

You will see here how to access the CONVERSATION CIRCLE and then register to participate. I am thrilled with your interest and look forward to have you join me and others in a trusting and encouraging relationship of mutual knowing, caring and sharing.