I will not wait until the last few days of 2018 to reflect on this year. How can I, when so much has happened? Grieving for losses has helped in my continued journey of healing and learning. Savouring the special moments of my “3 C’s” – curiosity, conversation and connection – has brought me much joy. My growing interest in WISDOM stirs me to read, listen, and speak all about it. WISDOM has been discussed and studied in philosophy and religion for thousands of years. Wisdom is becoming a topic of more interest in the field of psychology, personal and interpersonal development. I am learning that the problems of our time in our world reflect the need for wisdom. To my familiar theme of THE WISDOM OF WORTH, I now add THE WORTH OF WISDOM.

Defining Wisdom

As I found in my past research on religion and spirituality with many definitions of both, defining wisdom is as expansive. To pinpoint a specific definition is less important than noticing when I am with wisdom. Wisdom is a characteristic, an experience of “doing life.” This year has deepened my awareness that when I am with my chiropractor and she guides the flow of energy through my spine and body, I am with wisdom. I am more aware that when my Doctor of traditional medicine helps me explore the messages of my life stories, I am with wisdom. In my daily meditation, I have lapses of attention as my mind chatters and drifts off. I am with wisdom when I come back to observing what is happening in the moment – free of self-criticism.   One of my former counselling teachers commented on my tendencies to philosophize deeply about life. I loved my earlier philosophy courses!  He wondered how I would help my clients with their everyday stressors, challenges, defeating thoughts and feelings. “Give them something practical” he would say. How is it that his words resonate so strongly for me now?

Wisdom & Living Well

In this year of deep reflection, I have answered “the call” to apply what I continue to learn about myself  as I encourage others to engage in similar understanding and relationships with self, others, and the world. I am invited to see, hear, and feel my energy and that of others and of events and situations.  Wisdom joins the deep with the wide, the open with the transforming… Living well is what wisdom is all about. Wisdom requires and results from social interaction – from the interest in the well-being of self and others. Roger Walsh at the University of California Medical School writes: Wisdom seeks to benevolently enhance the wellbeing of others because it sees such actions, first as appropriate moral responses to suffering, next also as expressions of enlightened self-interest, and finally also as natural expressions of our deep identity and interconnection with others. For me, wisdom encourages the exploration and integration of philosophical, spiritual and practical knowing, of experience, meaning, ethics, values, mystery, suffering and healing.    As you read my words, I trust and hope you notice the potential for conversation and reflection. I invite you to put wisdom into action and respond to my words with reflections of your own in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you! If you feel inspired and wish to continue the conversation about WISDOM, then make sure to sign up to my newsletter by clicking here, where you will read more articles, Wisdom Wednesdays and more. If you’re ready to take the first steps towards a fulfilling life, contact me for a 15 minute FREE telephone consultation to ensure that my services are right for you.