I hear different stories from individuals, couples and groups, yet with common themes. People struggle with challenges that call for changes in how they think, feel, and act — unless, as Einstein reminds us – we want the same result! The need for wise decisions is clear and not easy to attain. The current symptoms and ways of being are difficult but at least they are familiar. How can you be sure that change will bring what you desire? You have learned many lessons in your years of living. Will you accept this opportunity for more learning to unlock the doors and move through your years with good health?

The Key of Wisdom 

In the middle of a challenging time at work, with your health, with intimate and social relationships, do you say: “Oh, good, I am SO glad to be here”? Most likely – not! Your goal is to find a solution to your problem and the quicker, most efficient way, the better. Do you fully understand and appreciate how you have resolved past problems? Over the years, with many difficulties causing distress and confusion, you have developed the quality of wisdom – a deep, inner knowing that research shows is formed most often from adversity, from what is not going well. When you  quiet the turmoil in your world, you experience positive benefits of wisdom. Consider how your respect and embrace of wisdom will help you make good choices and plans for healthier living.

The Key of Worthiness

How do you describe your worth – in your paid or volunteer work, the amount of money you have, your quantity of friends, your real estate holdings, precious stones? Yes, all of these are of value. How also do you cherish and honor the essence of who you are – your self-worth? If, through years of situations and relationships you have experienced control and neglect camouflaged as love, then you may have developed a belief of yourself as unworthy of love. Then comes the feeling of shame, the sense of appearing defective, flawed to your inner being. Then the need evolves to create layers of protection from exposure. When guided on how to use the key of worthiness, the shame diminishes, replaced by a vulnerability that opens a fuller range of emotional experiences. From this authentic place, you step forward to your best years yet.

The Key of Spiritful Energy

You know of the energy from the sun, the wind and water. You experience your own physical, mental, emotional energy — or lack of same! I believe a Universal Energy Source offers an experience that is felt within the body, mind, heart and soul. How can you grow in wisdom and worthiness without energy? When I hear: “I have no energy; I am not interested; everything seems too hard”, I encourage an exploration of a  power around you and of which you are a part so also within you. How would more awareness of and connection with this energy source help you? Where is spiritful energy when you breathe deeply, knowing Spiritus is the Latin word for Breath? Could spiritful energy be present when you focus intently at yoga, in meditation, in prayer, in nature, with art and music, in meaningful conversation, in connection with your religious faith tradition and ritual?

When human beings aspire for good health, they embark on the journey called LIFE. On this journey, moments become hours, then days, then years. As age moves along with advancing years, you are given signs for the need to change thoughts, feelings and actions. When you are willing to accept my invitations for guidance and even healing (the words “whole, health, and healing” derive from the same root), I offer you the keys to good health. Subscribe to my email list for ongoing articles and watch for details on my WISE circle – opportunities to develop and share wisdom, worthiness, and spiritful energy with others.