You may notice that I have revised my new website. I invite you to have a look at the banner. THE WISDOM OF WORTH remains. The change in the supporting statement now reads: “Discover Soulful Meaning in Midlife and Beyond”. I use “soulful” (full of soul) to describe the spiritual experience of connection with the presence of an inclusive and loving spirit energy.

Why “discover”? I thought about “explore” or “create”. For me, to discover is to find what is not known, yet present. To create would be to do just that and to explore would be to look into with more depth that which is already created. I like discover for its energy of surprise and awe. Discover brings on a “WOW”! response that stimulates attention and action — all meant to be for the good.

Now, do we create meaning or is it already present in the situation, the person, the interaction, the conversation? In my many years as a Counselling Therapist, I have heard thousands of stories from people who describe their past, present and desired future. One can describe a story, a scene, a memory, a vision for the future with minimal emotional engagement and lacking an understanding of its meaning.

As luck would have it – otherwise known for me as “the Universal Spirit Energy at work” – I am reading THE PILLARS OF CONSIOUSNESS by Osho. I am in the section about the absolute Tao, specifically in reference to the expression of Truth. All is relative writes Osho. For example, if someone mentions “love” and you have not experienced love, you can look for it in the dictionary and have the word defined for its meaning.

However, meaning is in YOU. Meaning comes from EXPERIENCE. The literal meaning is in the dictionary, in the language, in the word, writes Osho. But the experiential meaning is in YOU and when you know the experience of love then the word has fullness and is significant. The meaning of significance, for me, equates to the experience of “worth”.

What does it mean to “discover soulful meaning in midlife and beyond” and WHY bother?

How would it be to discover unknown aspects of the “inner” you and engage more energetically with them? Might this experience give you more and better choices to meet, cope with and transcend the challenges of your “outer” world of stressors, anxiety provoking situations, events, people, grief and loss, physical and emotional pain?

I encourage you to be aware of how the Universal Spirit Energy makes itself known (e.g. the reading of Osho for me) as it honors that aspect of itself within you — your soul. This experience could mean more peace and joy and other meanings unique to you.