I have enjoyed the summer (hope you have too) in contact with family, friends and colleagues. My heart is open with curiosity and my soul well nourished. All is good with new awakenings! I continue spiritful conversations and connections as I learn that my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing and growth is sacred and ever-evolving. I practice more vulnerability (discomfort at its peak), and have a deeper awareness of my fear of rejection for who I am becoming as I honor my inherent worthiness.


AH – so this is what transition is about — my emotional and attitudinal responses to change are evolving. I express more openly now, the energy and enthusiasm for which I often felt embarrassed in the past. With all sincerity, my intense unworthiness, known to me as SHAME, has been with me so long that I question if it will ever transform to something more manageable.


A Power Greater Than I

Years ago, I thought of an acronym to describe my innermost sense of worthlessness. SHAME: “Spirit Hidden Awaits Meaningful Expression”. When I let my energy stoke the ember of my self-worth, I know a power greater than I, in which I reside and which resides in me, is present and active.


In my relationship with this Spirit Energy, enlivened as my unique soul, I seem to be fixated with finding the perfect adjective for “aging” – a word that will most closely embody what I want people to appreciate and understand about this experience. We know that more people are living longer and seeking ways to enjoy their added years. What is this that I notice now and of which I am more aware?  I currently hear from my counselling clients in their 30’s: “I’m worried about getting old”.  And just when I wondered if my choice of message is boring, repetitive and impractical!


Become Who You are Meant to Be

AGE – the number of years breathing, existing on our planet earth. AGING – the movement through these years as you become who you are meant to be. Aging invites conversation that includes the question of HOW will you do this? I invite the beginners on this passage as well as the more seasoned traveler to recognize that you have been on other passages – for instance from infancy to childhood, from childhood to teen, from adolescent to young adult.


From Worry to Worthy | Dr. Glo McArterI encourage you to consider that continual movement, whether physical, emotional, mental, spiritual is WORTH the courage, the patience, the compassion required. Identity emerges gradually from deep in the soul. Who I am at 70 is different than who I was at 40 and for this I am grateful. My BECOMING is what makes this all worthwhile.


What worries do you have about aging? What makes you and your aging worthy of consideration and exploration? I appreciate your comments and questions as you reflect on the possibilities of WORTHY AGING.


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