To Inspire Courage, Compassion and the Embrace of Worth and Spirit for the Freedom to be Authentic, Belonging, and Creative

In my last article “The Embrace of Worth”, I refer to the word “embrace” to describe a willing and eager expression of support, of acceptance. What is Spirit that you are willing to accept, support, and express? The word “Spirit” may have as many meanings as the abundance of people who desire to have this relationship, to embrace Spirit.

The Latin origin of the word “Spirit” is spirare, meaning to breathe. Spirit is translated from the Hebrew, ruach, and the Greek, pneuma, to mean breath, air, wind. From my perspective, the references to breath and breathing are what keeps us alive, what gives us  life. Those who take a more theological and/or philosophical stance will have many more and different interpretations of the word. For the purpose of my writing, I am comfortable to consider the breath of life, Spirit, as the vital, enlivening force common to us all.

Those who speak of Spirit and God interchangeably may want to explain how their God  is a Being in physical form and with whom a relationship is experienced as with a person. Others may experience their God as an energy, not seen or felt as a physical entity, but seen or felt nonetheless. Our language, although rich and expressive, can be just as confusing. For example, what is Spirit as Consciousness, Spirit as Higher Power, Spirit as Universal Energy? You will understand that what describes the meaning of Spirit is worthy of consideration. What is to be attended to with equal importance and respect are the questions raised and the conversations shared.

I wonder about the significance that I write “the Embrace of Worth and Spirit” together. When I feel inherently worthy and loveable, does that mean that I am more accepting of the energy of Spirit? Might I also interpret the Embrace of Worth and Spirit to mean that when I feel the Spirit, God, Higher Power, Consciousness, Universal Energy, as loving and accepting, then I am open to consider myself as a loving and accepting person? The power of vulnerable inquiry continues……

How do you embrace Spirit? This experience is one in which the mind, body and soul are active, that is, vibrating in a positive, deliberate manner. As a willing and fortunate conduit to the vibrations of the Spirit, I am not an expert in all the techniques and strategies available to move the Spirit in your direction. However, I do appreciate the opportunity to present options and alternatives to those who are reading my articles and who seek my help in counselling and mentoring. In your motivated desire for better emotional, physical, social and spiritual health and for improved relationships, you are embracing the Spirit in your unique manner.

Whether you are attracted to meditation, positive affirmations, body energy work, the law of attraction, prayer, mindfulness, cognitive reframing, or any of the other clearing ways to embrace Spirit, you are inviting new perspectives of thinking, feeling, and behaving.  However the air, the breath of Spirit manifests within, around and about, it is unique for each movement, each interaction, and each conversation. All suggestions are worthy of consideration, respect, and practice.

Even hesitation and doubt need to be explored for the message they are expressing. What is the reason for the blocking of the energy? Could the reason be satisfied in a more constructive way? The willingness to trust – that is – to Take Risks for the Ultimate Spiritual Truth is a courageous stance. The Truth is that Spirit, as the breath of Life itself, is not an either/or but a both/and – BOTH a Divinity of deity related religious practice AND the deep presence of vibrational, energy practice. As you apply your power of choice, Spirit enjoys your embrace – the meeting of energies for all that is good.