In this series of articles, I invite you to explore the meaning and purpose that is expressed
in your life now, with the intention of continuing to create the life you want.

Knowing yourself well, as the unique human you are, will enhance your emotional,
mental, physical and spiritual health. As on a journey, the destinations are many and
varied. You are on the search for your truth and your curiosity will be your travel

You will know how you are progressing as evident in your connections, participation,
and contributions at work and play, in your community, and in your relationships. I
am hopeful that in accepting my invitation, you will share with others, the wisdom you
experience in your thoughts, feelings, and actions, just as I am sharing the wisdom of my
experiences with you.

The title of each article is from the context of what gives my life meaning and purpose in
both my work and in my relations with people.
I inspire courage, compassion and the embrace of worth and spirit, for the
freedom to be authentic, belonging, and creative.

I like the word inspire. One of its definitions is: to exert an animating, enlivening
influence on. My intent is to have influence with a healthy focus of my energy in a way
that invites you to tap into and appreciate your own. How will I do this?

Now I refer to what is termed the archaic definition of the word: to breathe or blow
into or upon, to infuse life into by breathing. Although not a student of Latin, my
understanding is that the Latin inspirare means to breathe. Notice how this all links
together. My passion to inspire comes also from the Latin word spiritus meaning breath,
breath of life. For me, spiritus is the origin of such meanings as spirit and spirituality.
When I inspire, I am the conduit of a universal energy that breathes life into and through
me and onto you. I trust that you can feel the energy that enlivens me so you breathing in
this energy will guide and move you as you desire.

As many years have passed since my career as a teacher of the French language, my
vocabulary has diminished. One word that remains prominent, however, is coeur,
meaning heart. When I write or speak about courage, I mean to put heart into.
Synonyms for courage include bravery, daringness, greatheartedness…need I go on?

In her work, researcher/professor Brene Brown writes and speaks of “wholeheartedness”.

She has designed a program helping people to focus their hearts on living the truth of
their story. From the experience of the stories I hear in my work, I have come to believe
that the whole heart is about the courage to explore, ask the questions, reflect deeply, risk
change, and accept the challenges of living in the world.

In his book The Healing Code, Dr. Alexander Loyd, makes reference to the “issues of
the heart” that Solomon wrote about in Proverbs 4:23, “Guard your heart above all else,
for out of it are all the issues of life.” It is not the intent of my articles to tell you how to
believe. It is my hope, however, that you will courageously open to the possibility that
your beliefs have an influence on your heart and that your heart influences what you
believe. From my perspective, this is all relevant and attuned to the inspiration of courage
for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and wellbeing.